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Omnilux Light Therapy

Beauty By Beck is one of a limited number of salons within the Illawarra who offer this revolutionary treatment!

What is Omnilux?

It is a machine that goes just above the face to penetrate red LED lights into the skin for 20 minutes. These lights do not tan or burn the skin in any way.

If you are after more rejuvenation than a normal facial, but not ready for intrusive procedures you have to try Omnilux. This machine uses light therapy to reach deep into areas of your skin that your therapist’s hands can’t. It works by complementing the body’s own ability to refresh skin, renew moisture and plump it naturally.

Unlike laser or IPL, it’s non-invasive. Omnilux works to refresh your skin naturally and to help your skincare products work harder and better.

Think of Omnilux as a battery for your skin that charges skin cells. If you are feeling as if your skin needs a little boost this is the perfect treatment for you.


Who is Omnilux for?

This machine can be used on ANY skin type and any skin condition. Omnilux light therapy is clinically proven to stimulate collagen and is the only machine of its kind on the market that is TGA approved (The Therapeutic Goods Administration is a Commonwealth Government agency that regulates medical devices and drugs).

Not for: Anyone on medication that makes them light sensitive, anyone going through cancer treatment, if you are having a baby talk to your doctor first and anyone who suffers from epilepsy.


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